2007 - 2008

Meetings are held September through June, on the second Monday of each month, at 7:15 p.m. at the Kalmia Club House, 30 York Street, Lambertville, unless otherwise noted.

September 10, 2007
Program: Fall Social
Program Chair: The Officers and Trustees

Welcome back! Pick up your new 2007-2008 Kalmia Yearbook, read about all our terrific upcoming programs, catch up with everyone, and meet new members. Join in some activities that help us know each other better and find fellow committee members. Learn about ways to contribute to Kalmia’s mission, even if your schedule is tight or unpredictable.

Please bring a dish to share, sweet or savory.


October 8, 2007
Program: Nakashima Furniture with Mira Nakashima
Program Chair: Benedetta Lambert

George Katsutoshi Nakashima was a Japanese American woodworker and furniture maker who was one of the leading innovators of 20th Century furniture design and a father of the American craft movement. Join us for an informative & inspirational program of this great artist presented by his daughter, Mira Nakashima.

Refreshment Committee Chair: Marie Marra
Refreshment Committee Members: Cathy Berg, Joan Berna, Kate Breuning, Patricia Firth, Carol Heffler, Donna McLaughlin


November 12, 2007
Program: Is This Any Way To Run A Radio Station?
Program Chair: Maureen Ammirati

Ginny Lee and Frank “Napp” Napurano, founders of WDVR (89.7 FM) radio station in Sergeantsville, New Jersey will share their adventures in founding and maintaining a volunteer radio station that offers a variety of music and information programs 24/7.

Donation Suggestions for November Meeting

Refreshment Committee Chair: Leigh McKay
Refreshment Committee Members: Joan Allen, Sara Burns, Melody Kerr, Pat Lockwood, Erin Rose, Cynthia Rose, Pat Shamy


December 10, 2007
Program: Holiday Party with Steve Croce
Program Chair: Cheryl Cvetan

Accomplished musician Steve Croce will play for the Kalmia Club’s annual holiday party. Steve is taking time out of his busy schedule to play piano for the Club. Though this will be his first time performing for the Kalmia members, Steve is no stranger to the Clubhouse. The City resident rents our space to practice his music on our piano. Come get in the holiday spirit with friends and fine music! Click here for more information.

Refreshment Committee Chair: Naomi Drew
Refreshment Committee Members: Laurie Ahearn, Louise Cassino, Kathryn Ferguson, Bambi Kuhl, Kate McGinnity, Maryann Ranson, Lynn Stoner


January 14, 2008
Program: Book Night with Beverly
Program Chair: Beverly Leavell with Sherry Baker

Click Here for Book List!

A long-standing and always well-attended program is Kalmia’s Book Night with Kalmia member Beverly Leavell. Please bring your favorite books from 2007 to share with the group. Brave the cold winter weather and enjoy warm beverages, delicious treats, and a great book discussion!

Refreshment Committee Chair: Kathy Buscavage
Refreshment Committee Members: Franta Broulik, Sharon Burd, Polly Cole, Mary Ditzler, Barbara Hartman, Vicki Hoover, Gladys Mitchell


February 11, 2008
Program: Annual Juried Art Show at the Coryell Gallery
Program Chair: Janet Hunt

Year after year, Kalmia Member Janet Hunt graciously opens her Gallery to Kalmia for the February program. The Annual Juried Art Show highlights some of Pennsylvania and New Jersey’s best artists and their exceptional work. Don’t miss this exclusive and continually impressive art show!

*Please note: This meeting will be held at the Coryell Gallery.

Refreshment Committee Chair: Kim Bacso
Refreshment Committee Members: Cheryl Cvetan, Donna Lacey, Barbara Lovrinic, Donna Puluka, Debbie Wean, Jane Wesby, Cindy Williamson


March 10, 2008
Program: Empowering Women, One Project at a Time, New Jersey State Federation of Women’s Clubs (NJSFWC) Membership
Program Chair: Karen Cummins

Starting with a brief history of the Federation and past projects, Rosemary Seghatoleslami, NJSFWC Vice President, College District, will explain why Federation membership is still relevant in today's world.

Refreshment Committee Chair: Lorraine Schultz
Refreshment Committee Members: Patricia Danielson, Rose Gray, Frances Kurocka, Roberta Kyle, Elizabeth Lancaster, Susan Nelson, Colleen Oberg


April 14, 2008
Program: Books In The Park
Program Chair: Fran Bardusco

Our own Fran Bardusco and Pat Kryzak have been running a summer reading program called “Books in the Park,” a grant-subsidized program that will benefit from members’ participation by donating a book to the program. Get your wish list “Apple” at the February meeting and bring the donated book to the April meeting. Be a part of “Books in the Park.” Fran will fill us in on what the program is all about and may be bringing a special guest!

Refreshment Committee Chair: Beverly Kershaw
Refreshment Committee Members: Mary Jane Aklonis, Caroline Armstrong, Sandra Christofori, Grace Durkin, Mary Freedman, Marjorie Meriam, Barbara Stires


May 12, 2008
Program: Clubhouse & Park Clean-Up BBQ Night (Annual Meeting and Officer Elections)
Program Chairs: Sandra Kersey, Chris O’Donnell, Fran Bardusco
Garden & Clubhouse Committees

All hands on deck! During our May meeting, we will be organizing our Clubhouse gardens and adjacent Mary Sheridan Park for the 12th Annual Hidden Gardens of Lambertville Tour (scheduled for June 7th, 2008). As host of the tour, the Kalmia Clubhouse needs to look its best for all the many visitors who come to town.

For those of you who prefer the outdoors, please bring garden gloves, rakes, and tools and spend one diggin’ hour with your Kalmia cohorts. For members who prefer the cool indoors and the kitchen prep, indoor workers will be assigned various jobs.

Please remember that as a member of the Kalmia Club, your volunteer support for this event is very much appreciated. The more members who join in the fun, the less time it will take to make our garden shine! A scrumptious BBQ and cold refreshments will be on tap to keep us moving. All will enjoy the fruits of their labor in one big feast!

Refreshment Committee Chairs: Shaaron Warne and Denise Santoro
Refreshment Committee Members: Barbara Ceglia, Bonnie Gendaszek,Tekla Hallanan, Susan McGrath, Mary Jean Palko, Beverly Railsback, Elizabeth Shufflebotham

*Please note: This meeting will begin at 6:00 PM!


June 9, 2008
Program: Summer Social
Program Chair: The Officers and Trustees

Say farewell to Kalmia and hello to summer! New Officers and Trustees will be installed, those who have served Kalmia this year thanked and the scholarship recipients(s) recognized.

Review the accomplishments of the Committees and hear about the results of the Garden Tour!

Please bring a dish to share, sweet or savory.

The Kalmia Club, 39 York Street, Lambertville, NJ 08530

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